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Steer Your Step - Visit Guides

Steer Your Step - Visit Guides

Check out these new ways to experience Living History Farms! 

Download a Visit Guide - choose from a guide designed for parents visiting the Farms with Children Under 5, a guide for students in 4-6th grades about the Science of Farm Life, a guide to the Historic Architecture found at our farm sites, a guide to the Historic Textiles located throughout the museum, a Fitness Guide for Living History Farms' trails, Diversity & Immigration, or the museum's Livestock program. Each guide will give you suggestions for things to see and questions to ask as you make your way around the Farms.

(Visit Guides are also available upon request at our Admissions booth)


Visit Guides for Kids/Parents

Kids Under 5
A Guide to Visiting
with Children Under 5

Science of Farm LifeScience of Farm Life
Visit Guide
(for students 4th-6th grade)




Visit Guides for Adults

ArchitectureHistoric Architecture
Visit Guide

TextilesHistoric Textiles
Visit Guide

FitnessFitness Guide: Trails



DiversityDiversity & Immigration
Visit Guide

Visit Guide

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