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Living History Farms is constantly working to improve accessibility, while maintaining historical accuracy. We have improved building thresholds, realigned boardwalks, and eliminated unnecessary stoops and steps. We have also constructed or modified ramps to provide greater accessibility to visitors.

Site and Facility Information

We strongly recommend that anyone with concerns about accessibility have one or more adults to assist him or her while touring.

Period Farms and Connecting Trails

The period farms are located in a wooded area with a connecting trail (about 3/4 of a mile in length). The terrain varies and includes gradual slopes and steep hills. There are benches provided for resting along the trail. Milled asphalt (resembling hard-packed dirt) covers 75% of the trail with wood chips covering the remainder. The 1700 loway Farm and 1850 Pioneer Farm both have wood-chipped paths throughout the sites. The 1900 Farm barnyard sits on bare ground. See the information below for our visiting suggestions for those with accessibility concerns.

Walnut Hill Town Sites

Most of the town sites are wheelchair accessible with ramps, wide doorways and low thresholds. Access to the first floor of the Flynn Mansion is available through the east side kitchen door. A video tour of the second floor and a book of photos and descriptions is available from the historic interpreters at the Flynn Mansion. The Doctor’s Office has a six-inch stoop at the front door, but the side door is wheelchair accessible.


Six-foot wide wooden planks connect most of the Walnut Hill town sites. Be cautious when traveling, as boardwalks can be an uneven surface and slippery when wet or frost-covered.

Tractor-drawn Carts

Open-air carts have an aluminum ramp for wheelchair boarding.


Accessible, modern restrooms are located at the Visitor Center, in Walnut Hill in the red building located west of the gazebo, inside the Snack Shop (which is located at the north end of the Flynn Mansion), and at the Wallace Exhibit Center. A portable handicapped station is located at the 1700 loway Farm drop-off/pick-up point.

Visiting Suggestions

Tractor carts transport visitors to the starting point of the “300 Year Walk” of historical farm sites, dropping off at the 1700 Ioway Indian Farm. From there visitors walk along an unpaved trail, just under one mile long, to reach the 1850 and 1900 sites. An abbreviated route is available upon request. If you have concerns about mobility or walking the full route, please speak with our staff when you arrive, or contact us in advance at 515-278-5286.

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