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Historic Dinners & Teas

collage of dinner guests - wagon ride - full plate - rolls coming out of oven

1900 Farm Dinners

Various dates and times

A horse-drawn wagon will carry you to the farmhouse for a delicious meal and cozy company, followed by a lantern-lit tour of the barn.



Dahl Historic Dinners at Tangen

Various dates and times

Enjoy a delicious home-cooked meal in the Victorian-style dining room, then play period games in the parlor.



Triskaideka “13” Dinner at Flynn Mansion

March 12 ONLY

Thumb your nose at superstition with this Victorian tradition, then explore the 15 rooms of our Italianate-style 1870 home.



Flynn Mansion High Style Coursed Dinners

Thursday-Saturday evenings in March

Learn how a society family in 1870s Des Moines might have showed off for their most important guests.



Flynn Mansion Teas

Saturdays and Sundays in December and April

Be our guest at an elegant Victorian tea, served by staff wearing 1870s period dress.



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