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Winter Break Camp

Spend a fun winter break exploring life in the past, visiting Living History Farms’ historic sites, and getting busy with hands-on activities. Choose from camps for kids in grades 2-6, or a camp for the whole family.


Winter Break Camp logoCamp Schedule

December 26-27, 2019

All camps are 1-day camps. Camps hours are 9am-4pm.


2019 Camp Fees*

Members receive a 15% discount and exclusive early registration! Make sure your membership is up to date! Purchase or renew your membership

CampMember PriceNon-member Price
1-day camps$44.20$52.00
Flynn Family Camp** per person$17.00$20.00

* All camp fees include a non-refundable $10 processing fee.

** “Family” is loosely defined and can include grandparents bringing grandchildren. “Family” does not include your child’s friends, but can include cousins.

Scholarships are available to cover a portion of camp fees. Find out more


girls set the table at Flynn MansionRegistration Information

Registration Dates

Member registration opens October 30, 2019 at 10am. Registration opens to the general public on November 13, 2019 at 10am. Registration closes December 11, 2019 at noon.

Requirements to attend camp

Please review our Winter Break Camp Policies before you register for camp. Each child registered for camp must complete a health and consent form (not required for Flynn Family Camp). Please read the Winter Break Camp FAQ for answers to the most frequently asked questions.


2019 Camp Descriptions

Christmas tree at Flynn MansionHistoric Holidays

Grades: 2-3
Duration: 1 day camp, 9am-4pm
Dates: Dec 26, 2019

Register for Historic Holidays

Explore how Queen Victoria influenced the ways that we celebrate Christmas today. Did Halloween start as an American tradition? You’ll discover the history of several holidays through hands-on activities, creative crafts, and visits to historic sites.

Activity Highlights: Bake gingerbread cookies, make a Valentine’s card.


kids baking in the Tangen kitchen

Day in the Life of a Kid

Grades: 2-3
Duration: 1-day camp, 9am-4pm
Dates: Dec 27, 2019

Register for Day in the Life of a Kid

What was daily life like for a kid 1876? Explore what kids in 1876 did when they were at home, at school, at work, and in their free time. Hands-on activities, crafts, games, and visits to historic sites will bring the daily routines of a child in 1876 to life.

Activity Highlights: Try making molasses candy, make an old-fashioned doll.


1850 log house in winter, covered by snow

Iowa’s Heritage Traditions

Grades: 4-6
Duration: 1 day camp, 9am-4pm
Dates: December 26, 2019

Register for Iowa’s Heritage Traditions

Explore heritage traditions from several cultures that have ties to Iowa. Discover the past time of Scherenschnitte, bake Irish Soda bread, and visit our historic sites as you learn about some of the different cultural traditions that are represented in Iowa’s history.

Activity Highlights: Dutch soap carving, bake bread, learn phrases from other languages.


kids pose with historic interpreter at flynn mansion

19th Century Makers

Grades: 4-6
Duration: 1-day camp, 9am-4pm
Dates: Dec 27, 2019

Register for 19th Century Makers

Do you like to make things? Young makers will spend a day exploring 19th century makers in history as they try their hand at blacksmithing, papermaking, and baking.

Activity Highlights: Visit the Blacksmith, Print Shop, and Millinery, bake bread, braid a straw hat.


family enjoys tea at Flynn MansionFlynn Family Camp

Ages: All
Duration: 1 day camp
Dates: Dec 26, 2019, 9am-4pm

Register for Flynn Family Camp – Dec 26

Learn about the Victorian Flynn family with your own family. Compare the roles of parents, grandparents, and kids then and now. Play with the toys that the Flynn kids would have had, learn how a baby would have been cared for, and participate in proper 1876 etiquette by preparing and serving a tea.


American Camp Association Accredited

Living History Farms Day Camp program is accredited by the American Camp Association, the only nationwide organization that accredits all types of organized camps.