Our Acorn Woodburning Cookstove

This is the time of the year when I am grateful to prepare a meal around the wood stove that sits in the dining room of the 1900 farm house.  As I write this, the first snow I have seen all season is swirling around outside the window, but the house is warm, thanks to our wood burning stove.  Some modern houses still use wood stoves for heat in the winter time, especially as you get further north. I thought I would take a minute to tell you about our stove, and it’s many uses here at the 1900 farm.

First of all, our stove is a stove. First and foremost it cooks and bakes delicious things to eat.  You have to pay attention when you use this stove though, because it can get too hot or too cold quickly. When you cook over the firebox, you cook on high and as you move your pan away from the heat, you cook slower.  It is not difficult to cook on a stove like this, you just have to be more aware.  When you bake, you have to be sure and rotate your pan because the oven does not always heat evenly.  The stove does have a water reservoir that helps regulate the heat, but you have to know where the hot and cold spots are in your oven.  If you have a stove and want to try cooking on it, check out our recipes.

Sometimes the stove is so hot you have to bake the bread with an open door.