Schoolhouse Chalkboard Set


Includes:  a 5-inch by 7-inch wood frame chalkboard, a one-inch eraser made of wood and felt, two sticks of chalk, and a booklet featuring eleven 19th-century popular schoolroom and childhood games.

Historical Background
In one-room schools, children used slates to practice writing letters and numbers (mostly to do math problems). They sometimes used their slates to play games when not learning their lessons. When they did, they played Tic Tac Toe, Dots, and other number and letter games. To clear the confusion between a slate board and a blackboard, slate is a dark metamorphic rock while a blackboard is a board that is painted black. They are, however, both known as chalkboards.

Early models of small, hand-held chalkboards used in one-room schools were slates encased in a wood frame to keep the slate from breaking. Pencil and paper were available but paper was very expensive. Using a small, hand-held slate meant that a child could practice writing, erase and write again without having to consume expensive paper.

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