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Social Studies Standards

Social Studies Standards – Learning Excursion Field Trips

Our curriculum-connected tours are based on the State Board of Education’s social studies standards:

  • Kindergarten: Space and Place: Impacts of geography (SS.K.15; SS.K.17; SS.K.19)
  • 1st Grade: Communities and Culture: Connections between people in Iowa (SS.1.19; SS.1.21; SS.1.23)
  • 2nd Grade: Choices and Consequences: How decisions people make impact Iowa’s history (SS.2.12; SS.2.17; SS.2.18; SS.2.23)
  • 3rd Grade: Immigration and Migration: Why people move into, out of, and around Iowa (SS.3.16; SS.3.25; SS.3.27; SS.3.28)
  • 4th Grade: Change and Continuity: Farming and rural life in Iowa (SS.4.12; SS.4.23; SS.4.25; SS.4.26)
  • 5th Grade: Rights and Responsibilities: Examples over time in Iowa (SS.5.13; SS.5.20; SS.5.26)
  • 6th Grade: World Regions and Cultures: Iowa’s historical connections to the world (SS.6.13; SS.6.17; SS.6.23)
  • 7th Grade: Global Studies: Iowa’s impact on global issues in history (SS.7.17; SS.7.18; SS.7.19; SS.7.27)
  • 8th Grade: U.S. History and Civics: Iowa’s place (SS.8.15; SS.8.18; SS.8.19; SS.8.20; SS.8.25)
  • High School: Teacher request, based on subject area

Find out more about these standards in this document: Iowa Core Curriculum.

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