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Further Reading

Unlike the farmers of the turn of the century, information is available to a modern audience at the stroke of a finger.  That being said, there are lots more places to go for information and we will use this page of the blog to give you an idea of where to go for more research and information.

To get you started in Iowa farm history check out a couple of diaries:

“All Will Yet Be Well” The Diary of Sarah Gillespie Huftalen (1873 – 1952) by Suzanne Bunkers. University of Iowa Press, 1993.

The Terrill Diaries (1871 – 1912) by Thomas M. Terrill. Edited by Lois Terrill Mueller. Fort Wayne, IN, 1982. can be found in the special collection of Iowa State University:

Household Discoveries and Mrs. Curtis’s Cook Book by Sidney Morse. The Success Company, New York, 1908

Dr. Chase’s Receipt Book and Household Physician by A.W. Chase. 3rd ed.  F.B. Dickerson Company, Detroit, MI and Windsor, ON, 1903

“A Secret to Be Burried” The Diary and Life of EmilyHawley Gillespie, 1858-1888 by Judy Nolte Lensink. University of Iowa Press, 1989

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