Member Mornings

NEW for 2017: We are offering a new program for our members this year: Member Mornings; exclusive members-only immersive experiences each month! If you loved Member Mondays in the past, this new program is perfect for you! But instead of just Mondays, we’ll offer programs on a variety of days throughout the season from May-October. We hope that this varied schedule helps more members participate! In addition to the expanded schedule, another change is that these programs will be offered for FREE!

Pre-registration is not required, but space is limited. Each program is first-come, first-served. The first fifteen member children who sign up at the admissions desk on the day of the program will get to participate. Children must have parental/adult accompaniment to participate. Please arrive early to reserve your spot and allow time to travel to the historic site. All programs begin at 9:30am and last approximately 30-45 minutes.

Questions? Contact our Guest Services & Membership Coordinator at or 515.278.5286 x158.


Member Mornings – Schedule of Activities

Monday, May 29 – Croquet Party

Adults, Children 6 & up

Meet on the Flynn Mansion porch at 9:30am. Discover the proper rules for croquet and badminton with Flynn Mansion interpreters; just in time for a summer of outdoor fun! These lawn games were all the rage for courting couples, as well as family picnics. Play a round of croquet on the Flynn lawn, weather permitting. In case of inclement weather, we will play parlor games inside.


Saturday, June 24 – 1900 Farm Morning Chores

Adults, Children 5 & up

Catch a step-saver tractor ride to the 1900 Farm. Help 1900 Farm agriculture interpreters with morning livestock chores. Carry hay and corn to the cows and horses. Hunt for eggs in the hen house and water the pigs. Discover what these animals need to stay healthy and how they contribute to the farm.


Tuesday, July 4 – Baseball Behind the Scenes

Adults, Children 8 & up

Meet the manager of the Walnut Hill Bluestockings and take a personal skill lesson from team members. Interpreters will talk about 19th century game rules, how baseball evolved, and what skills are needed to play 1875 town ball. Explore reproduction baseball equipment up close and practice your own 19th century baseball skills.


Tuesday, August 22 – Victorian Table Manners

Adults, Children 6 & up

Practice grown up table manners while setting the dining table at the Flynn Mansion for a family meal and a company supper. Do you know where the oyster fork goes? No food will be served, but napkins will be folded, plates laid, and glasses placed. Visit with interpreters about manners at the table as well as the specialty serving pieces, china, and other dining room decorations.


Wednesday, September 6 – General Store Shopping Spree

Adults, Children ages 3-8

Visit the Greteman’s General Store for a young children’s shopping scavenger hunt. Discover some of the more unusual items in the store stock. Children and adults will have a firsthand chance to weigh coffee beans in a scale, count out items to complete a customer’s order, and search the store to find items on a picture shopping list. Practice paying for the order with pretend 1875 money.


October activity – coming soon!