Triskaideka Dinners

Triskaideka dinner decorationsTriskaideka Dinners are available October-February.

Flaunt Fate and court Karma! Join Living History Farms at a Victorian Triskaideka Dinner at the Tangen House in Walnut Hill! In the 1880s, a New York businessman started a 13 Club: inviting 13 people to dinner on the 13th day of the month, serving 13 dishes, and poking fun at every unlucky superstition possible. They wanted to prove that superstitions had no power for them. Join us as 13 guests sit down to a sumptuous feast. Play a superstition scavenger game in the parlor, guess the meanings of old wives’ tales, and take a tour of our Victorian Businessman’s home. We will fill the table to 13 guests only!

Join us on the thirteenth of the month, but reserve your spot soon! There are limited dates available. We will also offer some Triskaideka Dinners during the week leading up to Halloween.



Reservations open August 1, 2018 at 10am for members and August 8, 2018 at 10am for the general public.


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More Information

Dinner Information: Please review our program policies before making a reservation, including the cancellation policy, payment info, program details, and more.

Triskaideka Dinner  – Program Policies

Pricing: Triskaideka dinners are $60 per person or $55 per person for members, regardless of age.

Dietary/Allergy Concerns: Our meals are prepared in the style of the historic period and served family style. We generally cannot alter recipes without impacting other guests at the table. Most of our recipes contain chicken or beef stock, flour, and other gluten containing ingredients. If you are concerned about a gluten allergy, vegetarian options or other dietary/allergy concerns, please call us at (515)278-5286 ext. 158 or send an email to



lantern at Tangen HomeTake a look at the bill of fare offered this season.

Triskaideka Dinner Menu


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