CURRENT HOURS: Opening Day for general touring is May 1

Triskaideka Dinners

Triskaideka dinner decorationsFlaunt Fate and court Karma! Join Living History Farms at a Victorian Triskaideka Dinner at the Flynn Mansion! In the 1880s, a New York businessman started a 13 Club: inviting 13 people to dinner on the 13th day of the month, serving 13 dishes, and poking fun at every unlucky superstition possible. They wanted to prove that superstitions had no power for them. Join us as 13 guests sit down to a sumptuous feast. Play a superstition scavenger game in the parlor, guess the meanings of old wives’ tales, and take a tour of our Victorian country home. We will fill the table to 13 guests only!

Historic Dinners programs will resume in September 2020. Please check back often for the latest information.


flynn mansion in fall

More Than a Meal

Historic Dinner programs are much more than a meal. You’ll be transported back in time to experience an intimate dinner gathered in a beautiful Victorian dining room and learn about life in the past from your cook and dinner hosts. In order to plan for this special experience, Living History Farms relies on advanced tickets for each program. Since this experience is so different from a simple restaurant reservation, we are unable to provide a full refund for last minute cancellations.


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