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Triskaideka Dinners

Triskaideka dinner decorationsAre you superstitious? Does Friday the 13th concern you? In the 1880s, “13” clubs became a popular theme supper party; 13 people met for dinner on the 13th day of the month to eat 13 dishes and poke fun at every superstition possible. Be part of the 13 guests at our own 13 club and test your knowledge of Victorian science and superstitions at this special Flynn Mansion meal. Join us just in time for Halloween for this sumptuous fall feast then take a superstition tour of our Victorian country home, discovering the meaning of old folklore and tales as you explore the 15 room mansion. Offered only twice this season, we will fill the table to 13 guests only! Don’t miss out!


Need to Know

  • Availability: Sunday, October 24, 2021 and Sunday, October 31, 2021 at 5:30pm
  • Table seating is family style. We will fill the table to 13 guests; smaller parties will be combined and seated at the same table as other guests.
  • Tickets are $75/person and $65/person for members. Members tickets go on sale August 5 and non-member tickets are available starting August 12. Not a member yet? Purchase or renew your membership
  • Please review all of our Historic Dinner Policies before purchasing tickets

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flynn mansion in fall


1 – Spiced Cider
2 – Tomato Soup
3 – Chicken Fricasee in Spiced Gravy
4 – White Rice
5 – French Green Beans
6 – Glazed Carrots
7 – Baked Beets
8 – Dinner Rolls with Apple Butter
9 – Spicy Pickles
10 – Fancy Cake
11 – Preserved Fruit Sauce and Sweetened Whipped Cream
12 – Coffee or Cider
13 – Lemon Drops and Gum Drop Sweets


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