CURRENT HOURS: Tuesday–Saturday, 9 a.m.–4p.m.

Flynn Mansion Dinner Menu

Flynn Mansion Dinners are served in courses by our historic interpreters, dressed in proper 1875 servants’ clothing.

salmon relish at Flynn Mansion DinnerBill of Fare

Specialty Oysters and Appetizers
Soup and Yeast Rolls
Fish Entrée and pickled relishes
Roast Pork, specialty potatoes, dressing, vegetable
Citrus Ice
Seasonal game recipe and accompanying vegetable salad
Fancy Cake and ice cream
Cheese and Fruit
Coffee and Ginger Punch

Note: Our meals are prepared for the entire table at one time in the style of the historic period. We generally cannot alter recipes without impacting other guests at the table. This meal will include a course of shell fish and fish. Most of our recipes contain butter, margarine, eggs, chicken or beef stock, flour, and other gluten containing ingredients. If you have questions about a food allergy, please contact us at least two weeks prior to your program at (515)278-5286 ext. 130 or send an email to

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