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Summer Brain Gain

Experiential learning in summer camp environments can dramatically improve individual learning and personal growth. According to the American Camp Association, gains for youth attending camp include the following (ACA, 2018):

  • Friendship skills (i.e., make friends and maintain relationships)
  • Independence (i.e., rely less on adults and other people for solving problems and for their day-to-day activities)
  • Teamwork (i.e., become more effective when working in groups of their peers)
  • Family citizenship (i.e., encourage attributes important to being a member of a family)
  • Perceived competence (i.e., believe that they can be successful in the things they do)
  • Interest in exploration (i.e., be more curious, inquisitive, eager to learn new things)
  • Responsibility (i.e., learn to be accountable for their own actions and mistakes)
  • Affinity for nature (i.e., develop feelings of emotional attraction toward nature)
  • Problem-solving confidence (i.e., believe they have abilities to resolve problems)
  • Camp connectedness (i.e., feeling welcomed and supported at camp)
  • Spiritual well-being (i.e., having purpose and meaning in life, transcendence)



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