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Summer Day Camp – 5th Grade

kids play around maypoleCelebrations Then and Now

Full day
Sessions: 1-5

Why do we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween, or Thanksgiving? When immigrants came to the United States it was important for them to find communities to belong to and their traditions became part of our cultural tapestry. Explore the ways the immigrant communities that first populated Iowa celebrated milestones and holidays. Create a shamrock pin, cook a traditional German dish, and visit some of our historic sites to get a more in depth look at various celebrations.

Activity Highlights: make a laterne for St. Martin’s Day, make a clay pot, creek walk, cook lefse, bake a pie or cake

Registration for Celebrations Then and Now starts Jan 4 (Members), Jan 11 (Non-members)

Celebrations Then & Now 1 : June 7-11Register for Session 1
Celebrations Then & Now 2: June 14-18Register for Session 2
Celebrations Then & Now 3: June 21-25Register for Session 3
Celebrations Then & Now 4: June 28-July 2Register for Session 4
Celebrations Then & Now 5: July 6-9Register for Session 5


girls stand by pond with fishing poles

Iowa’s Resources

Full day
Sessions: 6-10

Get creative with our natural resources to make food, art, and tools, just like generations of people have done throughout Iowa’s history. Bake bread like a pioneer, make a medicine bag like a 1700-era Native American, go fishing, and learn to appreciate our earth’s resources! Campers will explore plants, animals, soil, wind, water, and the people who settled here to find out how they contributed to the growth of Iowa.

Activity Highlights: bake bread and make butter, go fishing, make pottery, creek walk, learn basket weaving

Registration for Iowa’s Resources starts Jan 4 (Members), Jan 11 (Non-members)

Iowa’s Resources 7: July 19-23Register for Session 7
Iowa’s Resources 8: July 26-30Register for Session 8
Iowa’s Resources 9: August 2-6Register for Session 9
Iowa’s Resources 10: August 9-13Register for Session 10


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American Camp Association Accredited

Living History Farms Day Camp program is accredited by the American Camp Association, the only nationwide organization that accredits all types of organized camps.