Summer Day Camp – 5th Grade

girls stand by pond with fishing polesIowa’s Resources

Full day
Sessions: 2, 3, 5, 6, 8-10

Get creative with our natural resources to make food, art, and tools, just like generations of people have done throughout Iowa’s history. Bake bread like a pioneer, make a medicine bag like a 1700-era Native American, go fishing, and learn to appreciate our earth’s resources! Campers will explore plants, animals, soil, wind, water, and the people who settled here to find out how they contributed to the growth of Iowa.

Registration for Iowa’s Resources starts Jan 3 (Members), Jan 24 (Non-members)

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Day Theme Activities
Monday Pioneer Iowa Bake bread and prepare shaker butter, make soap
Tuesday* Walnut Hill Make pottery, visit cabinet maker, create recipe books
Wednesday Architecture Create mosaic tile art, visit houses in Town, shop in General Store
Thursday 1900 to Today Make solar oven, go fishing, learn basket weaving
Friday Native Americans Craft medicine bags, make a dream catcher, CREEK WALK and water monitoring


*Note: All groups have picture day on Tuesday.

CREEK WALK days will be wet and muddy. Bring a towel or plastic bag for your child to sit on in the car.

Activities are subject to change depending on weather.


children play baseballPast Times

Full day
Sessions: 2-10

Play, frolic, romp, and revel in the popular sports, games, and leisure activities of the past! Find out how old lacrosse is, play baseball using gentleman’s rules, and experience a variety of Victorian table games. Try both outdoor and indoor games throughout the week as you visit our historic sites.

Registration for Past Times starts Jan 3 (Members), Jan 24 (Non-members)

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Day Theme Activities
Monday Victorian Games Make a Jacob’s ladder, visit Flynn Mansion
Tuesday* Native Americans Learn to play lacrosse, CREEK WALK
Wednesday 1900s Visit 1900 Farm, go fishing, learn about the history of board games
Thursday Olympics Learn archery, play 1875 baseball, shop in General Store
Friday 1800s Play scrabble scramble, make a sewing craft


*Note: All groups have picture day on Tuesday.

CREEK WALK days will be wet and muddy. Bring a towel or plastic bag for your child to sit on in the car.

Activities are subject to change depending on weather.

Thank you to Atlantic Coca-Cola Bottling for their support of our Historic Baseball program, which campers get to experience during our Past Times camp.


WWI CampMarch to Victory: Iowa in World War I

Full day
Session: 5

2018 marks the 100th anniversary of the end of World War One, the “war to end all wars.” This camp will explore both the experiences of soldiers at war and those at home. What was life like for families on the homefront in Iowa? What training did Iowa soldiers go through before heading to Europe? What experiences did Iowa soldiers have in Europe during the war?

Explore the homefront in Iowa at Living History Farms as you learn about the absence of labor on the farm and impact of new technology (tractors in particular) on farming. Experience the training soldiers received and see the equipment and tools they used while you visit the Iowa Gold Star Museum. At the State Historical Society museum in Des Moines, learn about how Iowans helped with relief efforts, see artifacts used and carried by Iowa soldiers in the collections vault, and read letters written by Iowans and soldiers.

Your days will be filled with tours of three different museums, crafts, and games. Parents will need to drop-off and pick-up campers at each location. Camp begins at 9:00 and ends at 4:00. After you register, a follow up email with more details will be sent about 3 weeks prior to camp.

Registration for March to Victory starts Jan 3 (Members), Jan 24 (Non-members)

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American Camp Association Accredited

Living History Farms Day Camp program is accredited by the American Camp Association, the only nationwide organization that accredits all types of organized camps.