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Summer Day Camp – 4th Grade

boy stirs pot on stove while historic interpreter looks onIowa’s Communities

Full day
Sessions: 1-4, 6-10

Dive in to the culture and cuisine of the diverse groups that have lived in Iowa throughout history. Bake Fattigmann, a traditional Scandinavian treat, and learn the steps to the Virginia Reel dance. Witness how our state became a melting pot of various traditions and explore how communities formed, lived, and celebrated.

Registration for Iowa’s Communities starts Jan 3 (Members), Jan 24 (Non-members)

Register for Iowa’s Communities

Day Theme Activities
Monday Immigrants Create a heritage shield, build lego community, visit 1850 Farm
Tuesday* Melting Pot Visit Tangen House, Flynn Mansion, schoolhouse, and shop in General Store
Wednesday Native Americans Work in garden, visit 1700 Ioway Farm, CREEK WALK
Thursday Celebrations Visit Print Shop, make a maypole, play 1875 baseball, dance the Virginia Reel
Friday 1900’s Visit 1900 Farm, bake apple pie, parent open house – 3:30pm


*Note: All groups have picture day on Tuesday.

CREEK WALK days will be wet and muddy. Bring a towel or plastic bag for your child to sit on in the car.

Activities are subject to change depending on weather.


children walk through the creekOutdoor Explorers

Full day
Sessions: 3, 4, 5, 6, 8-11

Enjoy the great outdoors as you explore Iowa’s flora and fauna, get muddy with a creek walk, and observe nature! You’ll tend to a vegetable and flower garden and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Campers will examine the connection between history and nature by studying Native American life and early settlers.

Registration for Outdoor Explorers starts Jan 3 (Members), Jan 24 (Non-members)

Register for Outdoor Explorers

Day Theme Activities
Monday Plants Plant seeds, dissect a seed, make mint tea
Tuesday* Animals Build birdhouse, learn about ecosystems and camouflage
Wednesday Town Victorian scavenger hunt, shop in General Store, visit Drug Store
Thursday Native Americans Stick weaving, make nature art, make a cloud in a jar
Friday Leisure Make solar oven cookies, go fishing, CREEK WALK


*Note: All groups have picture day on Tuesday.

CREEK WALK days will be wet and muddy. Bring a towel or plastic bag for your child to sit on in the car.

Activities are subject to change depending on weather.


Bee by llee_wuBricks, Bees, and Birds: A Members-Only Camp on Stewardship

Full day
Session: 5
Camp Fee: $130

This camp is exclusively for families that have a membership to the Blank Park Zoo, Living History Farms, and Science Center of Iowa (including LHF-only, combo, and TRI members)! Campers in 3rd and 4th grade will visit each organization July 1-3, 2019, to explore Bricks, Bees, and Birds.

  • Spend Day 1 at the Science Center of Iowa. Try out some sustainable building skills through hands-on experiments, learn about the future of sustainable engineering, and visit the Brick by Brick exhibit.
  • Step back in time on Day 2 to explore Living History Farms. Visit the Bee-lieve it or not! The Secret Lives of Honeybees exhibit, and learn the importance of caring for the earth’s resources through crafts, hands-on activities, and visits to historic sites.
  • On Day 3 at Blank Park Zoo, you’ll discover the amazing builders of the sky… birds! Make a durable nest with mud, sticks and other materials, visit many of the diverse birds around the Zoo, and create a take-away craft to help the birds in your own backyard.

Bricks, bees and birds are important to our everyday lives, and we can use simple, creative stewardship practices in relation to each to help keep the earth and its living things safe. Sign up today!


To register for this camp: Make sure you have your membership ID on hand, and call the Science Center of Iowa at 515-274-6868 ext. 222 during normal business hours Monday through Friday.

Not a member and want to participate? Purchase a membership from one of the three organizations, and you will be able to sign up for this camp.

If you are already signed up for a camp but would like to switch into the TRI-camp instead, please first register for the TRI-camp to secure your spot and then call the organization of the camp for which you were previously registered to receive a full refund.


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American Camp Association Accredited

Living History Farms Day Camp program is accredited by the American Camp Association, the only nationwide organization that accredits all types of organized camps.