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Summer Day Camp



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*Limited spots open

Registration is open for our weeklong summer camps. Some camp themes repeat throughout the summer, with the same programming each week. If you want to register one child for multiple weeks, we suggest that you choose different themes. (Note: Red boxes on the registration calendar mean that a week is sold out. Weeks with available spots will show as green on the calendar.)

Registration for Summer Day Camp will close two weeks before each individual camp’s start date. Example: Week #1 Camp is from Monday, June 6, through Friday, June 10, so registration closes on Monday, May 23.

Please review our Day Camp Policies & Procedures before you register.

Participant Information Form

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*You may use the notes field in this form to request that your child be placed in the same session as another camper; we will do our best to accommodate you.blank space placeholder

Camp Packs

Camp Packs for the 2022 Day Camp summer season are sold out.

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  Fees for full-day camps for 2nd-8th grade


  Sessions 1-4, 6-10 $285

  Session 5 (4 days) $228

  Member (15% discount):

  Sessions 1-4, 6-10 $242.25 

  Session 5 (4 days) $193.80

  Fees for half-day camps for kindergarten and 1st grade


  Sessions 1-4, 6-10 $160

  Session 5 (4 days) $128

  Member (15% discount):

  Sessions 1-4, 6-10 $136

  Session 5 (4 days) $108.80

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2022 Summer Day Camp Schedule & Sessions

  • Camps run Monday-Friday unless otherwise noted in camp descriptions. 
  • Full-day camp hours are 9 a.m.-4 p.m. 
  • Half-day AM camp hours are 9 a.m.-noon. No late pick-up for AM camps. 
  • Half-day PM camp hours are 1 p.m.-4 p.m. No early drop-offs for PM camps. 

Week #1: June 6-10

Week #2: June 13-17

Week #3: June 20-24 

Week #4: June 27-July 1

Week #5: July 5-8 (4-day week; no camp Monday, July 4)

Week #6: July 11-15

Week #7: July 18-22

Week #8: July 25-29

Week #9: August 1-5

Week #10: August 8-12

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Camp Descriptions

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Busy Bees—Sold Out

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Farm Life—Sold Out

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Entering 1st grade

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Visiting the Past—Sold Out

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Entering 2nd grade

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Kids in History—Sold Out


Get Up and Grow—Sold Out

Entering 3rd grade

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Time Travelers—Sold Out

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Technology through the Years—Sold Out

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Entering 4th grade

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Outdoor Explorers—Sold Outblank space placeholder

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9 a.m.- 4 p.m.

Sessions: 3-5, 8-10

Note: Session 5, July 5-8, is a four-day camp. When purchasing tickets, make sure to click the option for those dates (i.e. “People of Iowa – July 5-8”).

Dive into the culture and cuisine of the many diverse groups that have lived in Iowa throughout history, from the Ioway to European and American immigrants to today’s Iowans. Bake Fattigman, a traditional Scandinavian treat, and learn the steps to the Virginia Reel dance. Witness how our state became a melting pot of various traditions and explore how communities formed, lived, and celebrated.

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Entering 5th grade

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Celebrations Then and Now—Sold Out

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Iowa’s Natural Resources—Sold Out

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Entering 6th-7th grade

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Power—Sold Out

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Victorian Garden Party—SPOTS STILL OPEN

9 a.m.-4 p.m.

Sessions: 3-7

Note: Session 5, July 5-8, is a four-day camp. When purchasing tickets, make sure to click the option for those dates (i.e. “Victorian Garden Party – July 5-8”).

Victorians loved nature. The four Fs (flowers, feathers, fowl, and fur) were crucial elements. Experience what children learned as they grew up in a typical Victorian household. Learn etiquette, handcrafts, cooking, and social routines. End the week by throwing a Victorian garden party for an invited guest.

Note: This camp does not include a creek walk.

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Entering 7th-8th grade

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Deer Run—Sold Out

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Adventures of Lewis and Clark—SPOTS STILL OPEN!

9 a.m.-4 p.m.

Sessions: 6-10

Almost 225 years ago, Lewis and Clark explored the territory from St. Louis to the Pacific Ocean. Follow in the footsteps of their expedition throughout the week as you embark on an adventure across early 19th-century Iowa! Along your journey, learn the skills of map making, archery, plant and animal identification, and surveying.

Early drop-off and late pick-up information

Buy early drop-off and late pick-up tickets under the “Purchase Tickets” tab.

Need to drop off before camp? Or pick up your camper later? Register for early drop-off or late pick-up.

  • Early drop-off available from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. 
  • Late pick-up is available from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. 
  • No early drop-off for afternoon camps.
  • No late pick-up for morning camps.

This is a supervised “free leisure time” and not an extension of the camp experience. Campers will be supervised by a staff member and will have access to books and board games. They are welcome to bring their own entertainment. We cannot be held responsible for any left, broken, or lost items.

In the afternoon section we will offer a beverage and small snack (ex. Kool-Aid and Goldfish Crackers). You are welcome to send your own snack. Due to safety concerns, glass containers are prohibited. To make this a safe environment, we encourage you to be aware of peanut and nut allergies when sending lunches and snacks with your camper.

Space is limited and subject to availability. To have the best chance of securing a spot, register for this service while registering for camp.

Non-member fee:Member fee: (15% discount)
Sessions 1-4, 6-10 $40Sessions 1-4, 6-10 $34
Session 5 (4 days) $32Session 5 (4 days) $27.20 

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Refunds and cancellations

Read our Refund and Cancellation Policy here.


Wait list

  • If a camp session is full, you may email to be placed on a wait list. If a spot becomes available, we will contact the first name on the list. If we are unable to reach that person within 24 hours, we will go to the second name, and so on. You do not need to pay to be placed on the wait list.
  • To be on the wait list, we need your name, email address, phone number and the program that you are interested in attending.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.