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Barnyard Buddies Packs

Each pack includes an early reader book for adult & child to read together (age 4+), along with a plush animal friend. Each pack will also include a candy stick to enjoy.

Total Pack Price – $17 each (nearly 10% discount off retail cost)

Choose from these Barnyard Buddies Packs:

Barnyard Buddies Pack ChickensChicken Pack

Hen’s Pens

This amusing early reading book uses phonic repetition to help children learn to read. The story is about a busy little hen and the humorous results of her artistic efforts.


Barnyard Buddies Pack CowCow Pack

Cow Takes a Bow

A lively story with humorous illustrations, ideal for children who are beginning to read for themselves, or for reading aloud together. When Brown Cow visits the circus, she puts on a surprise performance. She slips, trips, drops things and loses her hat – but the ringmaster is thrilled! With simple rhyming text and phonic repetition specially designed to develop essential language and early reading skills.


Barnyard Buddies Pack PigsPig Pack

Big Pig on a Dig

This amusing early reading book uses phonic repetition to help children learn to read. The book tells the tale of a pig who finds a treasure map and sets out on a dig to find hidden treasure.


Barnyard Buddies Pack HorseHorse Pack

Sophie and Daisy

Vivid retro-style design ensures that the adorable My Best Friend & Me board books are great to look at, but it’s the special added feature that really makes them stand out. Each one includes a super-cute animal finger puppet that interacts with every page!



Barnyard Buddies Pack SheepSheep/Lamb Pack

Peek Inside the Farm

Peek inside barns, and behind gates to find baby lambs, busy tractors, and lots more on the farm with this lift the flap book.


Barnyard Buddies Pack TractorsTractor Pack

Mega Tractors

This bright and busy book introduces lots of amazing farm machines, including huge tractors, ploughs, combine harvesters, foragers, balers, and more, with its full-color and fabulous photos.

To purchase a Barnyard Buddies Pack, select the pack you’d like as part of your Barnyard Readers registration.

Barnyard Buddies Packs will be available for pickup immediately after your Barnyard Readers experience.

We reserve the right to substitute similar books or toys if required.

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