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Give a little. It does a lot.

The programs and services at Living History Farms are sustained by small donations – $25 to $1000 – and we make them count.

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horsefire in blacksmith shopsheep at 1850


$25 buys supplies for our horses, provides seed for both the 1850 and 1900 Farm gardens in the spring, or supplies paper for the Advocate Print Shop.


$50 supplies metal stock for Blacksmith projects for one year, sends camp counselors to first aid training, or provides supplies for the 1700 Ioway Farm.


$75 pays for the shearing of our flock of sheep, tunes the Flynn Mansion piano to be enjoyed by students, or purchases period-appropriate fabric for an 1870’s dress.

interpreter using sewing machinemusicians at Pioneer weddingthreshing oats at 1900


$100 allows us to service our sewing machines (responsible for outfitting all of our interpreters) or provides a veterinary check up for a farm animal.


$250-300 pays for event musicians, covers the cost of emergency cell phones, or feeds our livestock over the winter months.


$500 buys spring oat seed for the 1900 Farm field or pays the licensing fees for our digital collections exhibit for one year.

We are grateful for any amount that you wish to contribute. By giving a little on #GivingTuesday, you’re doing a lot at Living History Farms.

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