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Zoom Backgrounds

Do you wish you were at Living History Farms right now? So do we! In the meantime, we’ve created some Zoom backgrounds that you may download to add a little farms flair to your next virtual get-together.

1900 zoom background

corn field zoom background

flynn zoom background

1850 pasture zoom background

man using lhf zoom backgroundTips:

  • To add the background to your Zoom meeting, click on the video menu and choose Virtual Background. Then upload your new LHF background.
  • Your actual background should be as uncluttered as possible. For example, try to find a blank wall.
  • If the color doesn’t look right, manually pick the background color using the Zoom virtual background settings.
  • The logo might look backward before you set it in the background – that is intentional to work with the default mirrored video in Zoom virtual background settings. It will be the right way once you begin, if you have a mirrored video!

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