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Kid Reporters: 1850 and 1900 Farms

Would you like a kids’ view of Living History Farms? Meet John and Catherine, this week’s Living History Farms roving reporters! John, age 9, and Catherine, age 11, spent a Saturday morning visiting the 1850 Pioneer Farm and the 1900 Horse-Powered Farm. Follow these young reporters as they meet the historic interpreters and animals at the farm!

Farmer Kirk introduced the pair to the lambs born this spring. The pioneer farm had 12 babies this spring. The lambs are already getting pretty heavy!

Inside the log house, Farmer Hilary shows the pair around the home. The pioneer house may not seem very fancy, but Hilary shows off a few luxuries that pioneers might buy to be more comfortable.

And we can’t forget a look at the 1850 Cayuga Ducks!

Moving on to the 1900 Farm, John and Catherine meet Farmer Kate.

Out in the barnyard, they catch up with Farmer Kelly and meet some of the new baby pigs.

The baby pigs are pretty small. But the kid reporters find some really big animals in the barn!

And our hard-working reporters are drafted for chicken chores! Watch here to see what they find in the 1900 chicken coop.

The farm cats at 1900 are usually in the barn catching mice, but it looks like the reporters found someone taking a break!

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