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Six-Course Victorian Luncheon, 2013

luncheon 2013 005

August 15, 2013

The Flynn House seems quieter this week. Although we’re still busy each afternoon with lots of visitors coming to tour the house, our three college interns, Lena Glaze, Emily Brush and Dana Sly, have finished their internship programs and returned to school. Over the summer, they planted flower gardens, pulled weeds, cleaned, mopped, dusted, played the piano, learned to write in Spenserian script, cooked on the wood stove, practiced basic sewing stitches, embroidered, made doll nightgowns, taught day camp classes, and talked with hundreds of visitors about the Flynn family history and the lifestyle of a wealthy Victorian farm family! And that was just at the Flynn House! They also worked at two other sites. No wonder we miss them!

As the culmination of their internship at the Flynn House, each of the young ladies assisted the staff in preparing and serving a six-course luncheon to some of our volunteers and several staff members from other sites. We tried a new menu this year and were very pleased with the results. The recipes were from cookbooks of the period and cooked on the wood stove. We prepared the food and served the meal as an interpretive event so our visitors were invited to come into the kitchen and dining room to ask questions and observe the activity. It’s a wonderful to showcase the dining style of a wealthy, upper-class family in contrast to the way meals were served in middle-class homes.

Ladies Luncheon

August 2013

Julienne Soup


Salmon Croquettes


Creamed Chicken Bouchees


Beef Tenderloin with Mushroom Sauce

Sweet Potatoes             Fresh Green Beans


Raspberry Sherbet


Chocolate Charlotte

luncheon 2013 010

Each lady received a tussie mussie or nose gay as a favor

luncheon 2013 007

The fish course was Salmon Croquettes served with tartar sauce.

luncheon 2013 001

The third course, called the entrée, was Creamed Chicken served over a bouchee or puff pastry.

luncheon 2013 002

The main course consisted of Beef Tenderloin Medallions served with a mushroom sauce, sweet potatoes, and green beans.

luncheon 2013 009

After the main course, finger bowls were presented which allowed the guests to clean their fingers before the final courses.

luncheon 2013 004

Guests were then served raspberry sherbet for the palate cleanser course.

luncheon 2013 011

A delicious Chocolate Charlotte was served for dessert.

luncheon 2013 006

Volunteers Marilyn Nelson, Jan Sigler, Marcia Cohen, Carol Corrigan and Staffer
Hilary Pearson seemed pleased with the new menu.


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