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New Arrivals!

August 30, 2013

The 1900 farm welcomed a new litter of pigs to the farm late this morning. The mother was a Duroc sow and the father was Harvey, our Berkshire boar. Read more about Berkshires and Harvey here. The litter consists of 4 new little boar pigs and 5 new little gilt pigs (what females are called before they have babies). They are awfully cute, and enjoying sleeping in the warmth of the hog house. They are born with very little body fat, and even on this hot day some of them looked like they were shivering. Some are spotted and some are solid, all have pretty cute curly tails and sweet little hooves. Try and stop out this weekend, or sometime next week to see the piglets. Until you can make it out enjoy these pictures:

Kelly holding a piglet before it was an hour old.

Kelly holding a piglet before it was an hour old.


piglet pile

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