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Spotted: Cherry Pitter

July 16, 2013

This week’s Spotted item isn’t something obscure; in fact, we’ve been using it quite frequently as of late here at the 1900 Farm! This cherry pitter is one of two varieties in our pantry. Our cherry tree has given us quite a lot of cherries this summer and pitting them is an important part of the prep work before they can be canned, pickled, or our favorite…baked into a pie or other delicious dessert!

The 1900 Farm cherry pitter

Cherry pitters and other gadgets were very popular in 1900 as a way to make things a bit easier for the hardworking farm wife or her children. The idea stayed popular and modern cherry pitters are available at home stores today in a variety of designs and sizes. Though I encourage you to come out and visit us this week to discover how the cherry pitter works, I’ll give you a hint: the pits get pushed out of the cherries!

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