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Welcome Back!

April 22, 2011

I guess “welcome back” is not for everyone, because general season visitors have yet to arrive, but this past Saturday saw a flurry of activity on the farm as we welcomed back seasonal staff and volunteers with a picnic at the farm.  Despite the wet and at times chilly conditions and the playful banter that comes when a small group of like-minded individuals get together, we were able to get quite a bit of work done at the farm.

The goal of the day was to build several new fences out of some heavy rough-cut oak fence boards from Buchanan County.  Use sent some of our fences at the farm into disrepair and thanks to a generous grant from the Living History Farms Guild, we are rebuilding that with some posts and boards that will, with any luck, last quite a long time.

We try to do as much as we can with old tools, the fences were sunk into holes using shovels and a large stick for tamping.  We did have a little help from the maintenance department in digging the holes.  Still, all afternoon, nail after nail were pounded into boards for new horse fences.  The cattle fences are on the agenda to be build soon as well.  Several other small jobs saw completion as well.  Three of us ladies had more fun than we perhaps should have painting new pickets for the house fence, and the gentlemen were able to complete 3 new gates, also part of the fencing project.

The tomatoes growing in the green house were moved to larger containers so their roots can grow straight and tall and one of our younger volunteers dusted all the furniture in preparation for visitors.  Farm machinery was moved and preparations for planting were made so it can happen as soon as the weather allows.  This is the third consecutive spring work day and picnic we have had with our volunteers.  It is a fun, productive day for everyone and gives us all a chance to stretch our legs and get everyone together.  Volunteers of all ages provide countless hours to the 1900 farm and Living History Farms in general.  We are grateful for all their help!

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