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Membership at Living History Farms

For a family of four, a membership will pay for itself in just two visits to Living History Farms during a 12-month period! For further savings, consider a joint membership with Living History Farms, the Blank Park Zoo, the Science Center of Iowa, or all three.

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When you purchase or renew your membership online you will receive a temporary card for your immediate use. If you have any questions about your membership, please send us an email.

We are celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the TRI Membership Program this year! As part of this celebration, we are doing special initiatives to encourage people to get the most out of Des Moines with a membership to Living History Farms, the Blank Park Zoo and the Science Center of Iowa. This effort was funded, in part, through a grant from the Iowa Tourism Office.

Member MathMembership Levels

Family Plus: A family or grandparent membership, plus 2 guests of any age.

Family: Includes 2 adults and all children ages 18 and younger residing in the same household.

Grandparent: Includes 2 grandparents and their grandchildren ages 18 and younger.

One Plus One: Includes one person and one guest of any age. 

Membership Prices

Family Plus $130 $298 $219 $239
Family $90 $248 $159 $169
Grandparent $90 $248 $159 $169
One Plus One $60 $169 $109 $110

LHF: Living History Farms
SCI: Science Center of Iowa
BPZ: Blank Park Zoo

Membership FAQ

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chicken coopMembership Benefits

Enjoy the following benefits with your Living History Farms Membership

  • Free general admission to Living History Farms for one year.
  • Free or discounted admission to more than 200 other museums across the country. For a list of participating museums, please visit the Time Travelers website.
  • Discounted admission at select outdoor history museums across the country. For a list of participating museums click here.
  • 10% discount at the MarketPlace Museum Store and at the Flynn Café.
  • Discount on Day Camp registration.
  • Discount on Historic Dinners.
  • Discount admission for selected special events.
  • Early registration for Day Camp, Historic Dinners, and seasonal programs.
  • Subscription to Friends of the FarmsLiving History Farms' email newsletter.
  • Click here to view benefits for LHF/BPZ, LHF/SCI, and TRI Memberships!

Member discounts from our Community Partners

Click here to view member discounts from our Community Partners!

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