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Learning Excursions

Learning Excursions

Learning Excursion trips for schools, home-schools and youth groups connect youth of all ages to Midwestern rural life experiences. Offered in spring, summer and fall during our regular season, these curriculum-connected tours are based on both national and state standards in social studies, and other curriculum areas.


Reservations for the 2016 - 2017 school year may be made beginning on August 1, 2016
Spring 2017: May 1 - June 1 (Monday-Friday)

Reminder, in 2016-2017, the museum hours are Monday - Saturday 9:00am - 4:00pm and Sunday noon - 4:00pm.  
Arrive no later than 1:45pm if you want to see all three of the historic farms.

*unless otherwise noted

Summer schools, and year-round schools, if you would like to make a reservation for the months of June, July, and August, please e-mail adminasst@lhf.org for details.

Reservations made less than three weeks prior to your visit are not eligible for group tour discounts.


Information to Know

Living History Farms and the Iowa Core Curriculum

Click here to see how these tours fit into the social studies section of the Iowa Core Curriculum.

Program and Tour Policies

Click here to read the policies, including the cancellation policy, regarding scheduling a tour or program.

Living History Farms and Character Counts!

Click here to see how Character Counts at Living History Farms. Living History Farms is a Character Counts! organization. Read about the "Learner's Bill of Rights" and the "Character Counts! Museum Guidelines for Students, Teachers, and Chaperones".

Adult Chaperones

  • Free adults policy: Living History Farms allows 1 adult to come at no charge for every 10 students. The teacher counts as one of the free adults. And we always round up; so bringing 21 students allows you to bring 3 adults (the homeroom teacher + 2 others) at no charge.
  • Adult Fees (regardless of tour): $14.00 per person Fall 2016, $14.50 per person Spring 2017
    If an adult is paying separately, they will pay the full admission fee of $15.00 (fall 2016) or $15.50 (spring 2017).
  • 1-1 associates and bus drivers: LHF always allows 1-1 associates and bus drivers to come at no charge with their students. These free adults do NOT count in the ration mentioned above.



Plan Ahead

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Pre-order souvenirs

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General Tour

Fees: $7.75 per student; grades 2-12
Tour Length: 4 hours, including lunch
Description: This tour combines stops at the 1700 Ioway Indian Farm, 1850 Pioneer Farm,
and 1900 Horse-Powered Farm with visits to as many town buildings as time allows.
The interdependence of and connections between farm and town are stressed. A visit to the Wallace Exhibit Center can be added at no additional charge.

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General Tour

300 Year Farm Tour

Fees: $7.50 per student; grades K-12.
Tour Length: 2.5 hours, including lunch.
Description: Experience first-hand the changes in farming over time as you visit the 1700 Ioway Indian Farm, 1850 Pioneer Farm, 1900 Horse-Powered Farm and the Wallace Exhibit Center. Themes tie the farms together, making connections and comparisons easier for students.
    Grades K-2: Homes and Families
    Grades 3-5: Food Production and Preparation & Livestock
    Grades 6-8: Farm and Home Technology & Power
    Grades 9-12: Teacher’s Request

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300 Year Farm Tour

Walnut Hill Town Tour

Fees: $7.00 per student; grades K-12
Tour Length: 2.5 hours, including lunch.
Description: Students visit businesses, trade sites, and homes typical of an 1875 town. Themes tie the stops at the various buildings together, making comparisons and connections easier for students.
    Grades K-2: “Then” vs. “Now”
    Grades 3-5: Community and Consumerism
    Grades 6-8: Technological Changes at Home and Workplace
    Grades 9-12: Teacher’s Request

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Walnut Hill Town Tour


Availabillity: May 2 - June 2, Monday - Thursday
Fees: $7.00 per student; 12-25 students, grades 3-12
Can be adapted for homeschool families.
Program Length: 2 hours, including lunch.
Description: Spelling bees, recitation, reading from McGuffey Readers and arithmetic problems on a slate are lessons students will do when they visit the one-room schoolhouse.

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