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Spring Break Camp

Spring Break CampMarch 13-17, 2017

Experience Spring Break without the hassles of traveling a long distance! Sign your child up for a 1-day or 5-day camp full of hands-on, interactive activities, or sign the whole family up for a 1-day experience at the 1900 Farm. All camps run 9am-4pm.


Membership Benefits: As with all camps, members receive early registration and a 15% discount off of registration fees. Make sure your membership is up to date! Purchase or renew your membership >

Registration Dates: Member registration opens January 18 at 10am. Registration opens to the general public on January 25 at 10am. Registration is now closed.

Requirements to attend camp: Please review our Spring Break Camp Policies before you register for camp. Each child registered for camp must complete a health and consent form (not required for Families in 1900). Please read the Spring Break Camp FAQs for answers to the most frequently asked questions.


Camp Descriptions

Community Celebrations

2nd-3rd grades
5-day or 1-day camp
March 13-17
Camp Code: CC

Explore the culture of the immigrant communities that first populated Iowa, and discover the special ways that they celebrated milestones and holidays. Create a shamrock pin, cook a traditional German dish, and visit some of our historic sites to get a more in depth look at various celebrations. 

  Theme Activities
Monday German Make a laterne for St. Martin's Day, cook a German treat, create a mask for fasching
Tuesday Norwegian Learn about fashion through paper dolls, visit the 1875 Tangen House, try making lefse
Wednesday Irish Visit the Flynn Mansion, create a St. Patrick's Day pin, learn about the Maypole
Thursday American Try out some old fashioned dances, do a mini barn raising, bake an apple pie
Friday Native American Learn a Native American dance, make a clay pot, speak to one of our Ioway interpreters


Garden Sprouts

4th-5th grades
5-day or 1-day camp
March 13-17
Camp Code: GS

Mary, Mary Quite Contrary, how does your garden grow? Help tend the gardens at Living History Farms and explore the role of critters in the garden. Find out why some creatures that we consider foes are really friends. Delve into the world of pollinators and see how farming has changed over the past century as you visit our historic sites. Create garden art and make garden-inspired snacks to share at the end of the week in our garden-themed art show for parents.

  Theme Activities
Monday Plants & Pollinators Build a bird feeder, learn about erosion, play a food web game
Tuesday Tractors & Tools Visit the Implement Dealer and Tangen House, learn about various inventors, do soil testing
Wednesday Art in the Garden Make art and instruments out of garden materials, visit the Flynn Mansion
Thursday Farms & Gardens Plan a garden and plant seeds, learn about plant adaptations
Friday Tasty Garden Treats Learn about nutrition, cook healthy garden snacks, Art Show for parents at 3:30pm


Jr Curators

6th-8th grades
1-day camp
March 17
Camp Code: JC

What would it be like to work at a museum? Go behind the scenes and be a curator for the day as you explore some of Living History Farms' collection of artifacts.


Families in 1900

All ages (best suited for school aged children)
1-day camp
March 15 or 16

Pack up your family and go back in time to 1900! This camp is primarily designed to be family led. Forget TV's and video games, feel what family life was like in 1900 as you do chores, play games, and make a meal in the 1900 farmhouse.


Camp Fees

As with all camps, members receive early registration and a 15% discount off of registration fees. Make sure your membership is up to date! Purchase or renew your membership >

Camp Member Price Non-member Price
Community Celebrations (5-day) $221 $260
Community Celebrations (1-day) $46.75 $55
Garden Sprouts (5-day) $221 $260
Garden Sprouts (1-day) $46.75 $55
Jr Curator Camp (1-day) $51 $60
Families in 1900 (1-day)
1 adult and 1 child
$35.70 $42
Families in 1900 (1-day)
1 adult and 2 children
$51 $60

* All camp fees include a non-refundable processing fee, which is $50 for 5-day camps and $10 for 1-day camps.
** "Family" is loosely defined and can include grandparents bringing grandchildren. "Family" does not include your child's friends, but can include cousins.


Scholarships are available to cover portion of Day Camp fees. 
  • For details, call 515-278-5286 ext. 110 or email kbliss@lhf.org
  • Scholarship applications are reviewed in the order in which they are received and are subject to eligibility requirements and availability of funds.
  • Applicants will be notified of a decision in writing.
  • Scholarships are available for all Living History Farms Day Camps including family camps and 1-day camps.
  • Members can apply for a scholarship when day camp registration has opened for members. Non-members can apply for a scholarship when registration has opened for the general public.


American Camp Association


Living History Farms Day Camp program is accredited by the American Camp Association, the only nationwide organization that accredits all types of organized camps.

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