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Non-Cash Donations

We are grateful to all who donate items (tangible property) to Living History Farms. All gifts of tangible property must be reviewed before Living History Farms can accept them. 

We accept the following types of donations: 

  1. Items that go in to our collections: This includes artifacts from the time-periods we interpret (1700, 1850, 1875, and 1900), along with textiles and quilts into the 1900s. Find out more >
  2. We accept donations of computers and other technology equipment. Please contact Jennie Deerr at 515-278-5286, ext. 117 or at to see if your item(s) would be needed.
  3. We accept donations of office supplies. Please contact Jen Albers at 515-278-5286, ext. 125 or at to see if your item(s) would be needed. 

Please do not drop any potential item donations at the museum without going through the review process.

Not sure if your item would be a good fit for us? Please contact us at 515-278-5286, ext. 113 or at

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